About me - Cissi Hanner

About 20 years ago my mother and I was walking around in the city of Stockholm looking through the windows of different shops.

In one clothstore there was two stonecats laying in the window.

We started to discuss how difficult or easy it would be to paint stones like that.

Years went by and I forgot about the painted stonecats. 

Year 2001 I got a book from my mother about how to paint animals on stones.

I thought it sounded interesting and gave it a chance - and Wow! I had found my hobby!

It is so fun to see how an animal is growing from an cold grey stone to an cute little kitten......

Nowdays itīs not possible to take a walk in nature without me dragging home a couple of stones.

The whole procedure from that I found a stone on the ground until it become an animal is pretty long and timeconsuming - please read more about it on- How an stoneanimal is born.

If you are interested in buying any of my stones - please contact me at:


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