How an stoneanimal is born

 First I need to find a stone to paint on - so - I go out in nature to find one.

Sometimes it is difficult to see right away what a specific stone looks like.   

 I have to twist and turn the stone quite a lot until I find an animal on it...

Back home I wash it very carfully to get all dirt away.


I start to groundpaint the stone - for this stone - in white.

Next step is to rough paint the outline when I have decided how I want it to look like.

I use Acrylic-colours.



Then a little more details....

The sizes of the pencils is different depending on what the stone will look like.

Mainly I use syntetic pencils as the surface is not very gentle against them and they are worn out pretty fast.


Then the real colours and all details.

It can be difficult with a small/miniature stone as the edge of the pencil needs to be very tiny.

Then give it a name, put a signiture and paint a swedish flag underneath it.

When the stone is done I give it a cover of lac.

After that it is time to take a picture of the new creation and put it up on this site....

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